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Last week, I was asked to give a 60-second speech about what I do, to a room full of business owners who had very little background knowledge on Online Marketing, other than what many salespeople had told them. This was no easy feat under any circumstances. I had to come up with something, quick, interesting and, hopefully, entertaining as everyone else had to do the same 60-second speech about their business too and the best speech would win a trophy. The game was on.

My idea was simple, I had sixty seconds, therefore what would happen online within that sixty seconds that I was talking to provide just however powerful an online presence for any online business is or would be.

Luckily for me, such statistic about 60 seconds of the internet was at my fingertips thanks to the guys at Smart Digital Insights excellent infographic in partnership with HubSpot.

On reflection I should have probably recorded this speech, however, I was nervous enough fitting all that I needed to say into 60 seconds (they were very strict about that) and a camera probably would of have helped the situation.

60 Seconds of the Internet in 60 Seconds Speech

My name is Tom Marriott, I’m an SEO Specialist at LiberoNet.

Since the time I started speaking to the time I’ve finished; all of the following would of happened on the internet…

150,000 eMails will be sent

500,000 Tweets will be Tweeted

700,000 people will log in to Facebook & 3.3 Million Facebook Posts will be Posted.

66,000 Pictures will be posted on Instagram and another half a million shared on SnapChat

1,500 Blog Posts will be posted

38,000 hours of music will be listened to on Spotify, in the time it takes to listen to half of the 1997 Blur hit “Song 2”.

3 Million YouTube videos will be watched & another 500 hours of video will be uploaded

3.8 million searches will be made on Google

And finally, leaving the best till last…

A Million swipes will be made on Tinder with almost zero of them resulting in any kind of serious relationship.

SEO is not, contrary to popular belief, about just making your website high up in Google. It’s about understanding where an audience can be found in an online jungle and tapping into that audience.

That is 60 Seconds of the Internet in 60 Seconds.


The Old View of SEO

As I was exchanging pleasantries before this speech, I was chatting away to another individual (who I shall save their blushes) who upon hearing of my job role proceeded to tell me how boring I must find it on a day to day basis, in comparison to development. I politely smiled, however, his statement only reinforced the point I was trying to make.

Finding Audiences in a Digital World

SEO or Digital Marketing is not solely about search engine ranking anymore, those days are long gone. “Keywords” are important in my line of work, however, as a metric, they are merely a very broad benchmark to rate my performance and act more as an ego building exercise. My metrics are the tangible conversion from the online world to a business, from an e-commerce purchase to a sales lead. My day is spent finding audiences wherever they may be, that will be interested in a particular business and/or product. On Google, Facebook, YouTube or even Snapchat I will spend my time using data to find them and speak to them. The possibilities are endless and by no means are they boring.

The Online Jungle

It is an online jungle, which is the picture I was trying to paint with my speech. Digital marketing is not about shouting from the digital tree tops but about building a digital billboard to be seen by the most valuable and interested people on the web.



To those that are interested, here is me winning the trophy. Along with this trophy, I earned the nickname “Thomas the Search Engine”.

tom winning speech trophy



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