Moving from SellerDeck – Out with the Old in with the New

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Over the last few weeks, we have successfully migrated a client over from an old eCommerce content management system called SellerDeck to a new partner platform, Shopware. We are very pleased to get this client finally moved over to a new system which will allow [...]

The IT Hero – The Dangers of the “Do-it-All” Employee

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What is an “IT Hero”? There are many IT heroes across the country in businesses far and wide. They manage each and every aspect of IT within a business. Do you have an “IT Hero” in your office? They were supposed to be in charge [...]

How to get Ahead in a New Age of Retail

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“Alexa / OK Google, buy me some AA batteries” Home Voice Assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home are now able to order products at a moment's notice through a simple voice command. This is just one part of the complete game-change we’re about to [...]