The Online Shopping Experience – How Immersive Shopping Makes a Difference

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Have you noticed how shops have changed? Back in the good olde days (or at least what I saw from re-runs of ‘Open All Hours’) it used to be simple. One Counter. Many Shelves. Numerous Products On Shelves. One person staring at you while you [...]

When you Really Need to Get Stuff Done: Clear Your Headspace

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It’s easy to get lost in a busy workload, especially with increasing interruptions of digital technology. One moment you can be deeply focused, and then a notification pops up. Your brain switches before you know it, and suddenly you’re looking at a photo of your [...]

Moving from SellerDeck – Out with the Old in with the New

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Over the last few weeks, we have successfully migrated a client over from an old eCommerce content management system called SellerDeck to a new partner platform, Shopware. We are very pleased to get this client finally moved over to a new system which will allow [...]

The IT Hero – The Dangers of the “Do-it-All” Employee

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What is an “IT Hero”? There are many IT heroes across the country in businesses far and wide. They manage each and every aspect of IT within a business. Do you have an “IT Hero” in your office? They were supposed to be in charge [...]

How to get Ahead in a New Age of Retail

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“Alexa / OK Google, buy me some AA batteries” Home Voice Assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home are now able to order products at a moment's notice through a simple voice command. This is just one part of the complete game-change we’re about to [...]

What Are the Limitations of Digital Freelancers?

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Web design, development and marketing freelancers are everywhere. If you get the right freelancer they can certainly help improve the digital arm of your business. We work with many clients who have had experience with digital freelancers, some of which have been positive, however many [...]

How To Inspire Your Team To Work Together: Part 3

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Last week we looked at how to improve morale through a business culture and how healthy competition can go a long way to motivating your team. This week we’re looking at how to help different departments in your business work together to solve problems. Cross-department [...]

How To Inspire Your Team To Work Together: Part 2

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Last week we looked at of the basic principles behind inspiring your team to work cohesively and in the process to motivate them. This week we will be delving deeper into this by looking at culture, morale and healthy competition within a team. Culture and [...]

How To Inspire Your Team To Work Together: Part 1

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It can be difficult to ensure your team are working productively and efficiently together. Here at Liberonet, we think of teamwork as a sliding scale, on which you can move up. Although you might be working together well already, there’s always room for improvement towards [...]

The Display Network – How Banners Ads Have Evolved

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In our last post, we discussed how Google Adwords came to be. Now that we understand where Google Adwords came from and why it is here, it’s probably best to reflect on how the ancient art of online advertising has evolved since the early days. [...]

Why Your Business Should Be Thinking About Voice Search

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Last year we discussed the developments of 'Augmented Reality' and 'Virtual Reality' and how they could affect Digital Marketing plus how this could relate to your businesses digital marketing strategy. This was back when the world was dominated by "Pokemon Go" fever. [...]