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In our last post, we discussed how Google Adwords came to be. Now that we understand where Google Adwords came from and why it is here, it’s probably best to reflect on how the ancient art of online advertising has evolved since the early days.

The Banner Advert

In the online world, prior to Google AdWords, internet advertising was a wild west of flashing banner adverts and annoying pop-ups. You might be interested to know that the first banner ad appeared on for AT&T in 1994 and it didn’t even mention AT&T once. Just some rainbow colour font saying “Have you ever clicked your mouse right here” and a big arrow enticing the user to click on it. Easy and in the early days of internet advertising, probably effective.

Pop-ups adverts, now despised, were not originally coded to annoy users. They were a method of ensuring that an advertisement wouldn’t disrupt a user’s online experience of content by having them appear out-of-window. So the intentions, we promise you, were good.

Along Comes Adwords

Then along came Google, to organise the internet. Search engines had come before, but nothing so pure, clean and effective as Google. Plus, advertisers were crying out for a method of internet advertising that was going to produce real, trackable, and targeted results.

The Search Network on Google AdWords, whereby you can target specific key phrases that your customers will be searching for and will see your advert allows the advertiser to really target a specific audience, rather than blindly hoping that a banner will reach someone willing to become a customer.

The Display Network

That’s not to say that banners and visual advertisements don’t work. The Display Network in Google Adwords allows you to place a graphical advert on a network of different websites which have agreed to have them. However, the evolution of internet advertising means that now you have a wealth of options to target your key market.

Targeting Your Display Advertisements

Display adverts can be targeted at users which have searched for keywords you wish to target for, or you can target your advert to appear on specific websites you think your key target audience hangs out. You could even target a certain demographic of an audience (those that are within a certain age group), or even those that have visited your website before and you want to remind them of the wonderful products and services you have to offer.

Learning when and where to use the Search Network or the Display Network is key to Adwords success.

Who Should Use Display Advertisement?

If you think that the product or service that you are trying to sell is very visual and part of your sales technique is showing people what you have done or created then display advertisements can be very effective at showcasing them to a new audience.

Perhaps you also have a particular online community that you could tap into. If they hang out on particular websites within your field, such as a forum or blog. If this website allows display adverts then you can even target your adverts to show on this website. If your audience is interested in the content on this website and you feel that they would also be interested in your service or product because of that then this is a real winner.

The great part about display ads on a cost per click system is that branding of your business can be free of charge. A user may get one of your adverts popping up on a website that they frequent often, even though they have seen your advert they may not click on it and you won’t have to pay for this. They have still seen your business and know what you do, but you don’t even have to pay for it unless they click on your advert.

Our Top Display Network Tips

Know your target audience thoroughly! Where are they going to be and how are they most likely to come across your products or services. Are they actively looking for them or are they going to be impulsive to buy them once they see them? This insight into your market will reflect deeply on your success in the Adwords world.

The Display Network - How Banners Ads Have Evolved
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The Display Network - How Banners Ads Have Evolved
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