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Asking the Question – Why?

The difference between a good agency and a great agency is attention to detail. Recently we helped a client save time and money by taking their initial request further, delving in to the reasons why they wanted the work to ensure it would bring a good result. Much like any good story, it all focuses around a journey.

One of our clients wanted to begin advertising on Facebook. This was a perfect platform because they sell luxury holidays and they had some beautiful and visually appealing content to utilise.


Creating Facebook ads themselves is no easy job, they need to be just right. They must combine a knowledge of the target audience, product and customer mindset with great design and a clear objective.

However, upon creating the adverts we noticed an issue, where do we direct the user? The homepage? We felt that it just wasn’t going to work with the current website as it was. There was no logical journey for the user to take to explore the product, then purchase it.

Yes, the Facebook Adverts were technically created… However, it would be futile and worthless to the client, if something else got in the way of their real goal- to sell holidays.

We came to the conclusion something had to be done. In order to make the clients’ money and our time worthwhile, we had to act. So what did we do?

We had to create a journey!

We discussed this as a team, and decided to make a change. Although the website met it’s initial goals, now that the marketing strategy had developed, the website needed to move along with it. The typical Facebook user clicking through would be at a different point in their exploration of the product than someone who had reached the site through Google, by actually searching for it.

We know many other agencies work in a way where a task is given and completed without assessment of its effectiveness. However, we know that in order for digital marketing to be effective, this linear thinking doesn’t get the best results for the client. You have to be creative and understand the entire journey of a user.

Creating this journey was not an easy task, nor was it a quick task, but it was necessary to ensure all audiences could explore the website quickly and effectively. We re-built the navigation structure of the website to allow for this.

What’s the result?

We now know the Facebook Adverts that we will post won’t just attract clicks to the website, but convert the users who land on the website. Which, at the end of the day, was exactly what the client wanted.

What started out as a simple task grew and developed as we explored the goals of the work. We had to ask ourselves the question “What is best for the client?”. As a digital agency, we know it’s not just about completing a task but utilising our digital expertise in the best interests of the client.


A Story of a Journey; How We Help Clients Get More
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A Story of a Journey; How We Help Clients Get More
At Libero Net, we go above and beyond for our clients. Here is one story of how we were set a simple task, however it evolved for the better of the client.
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