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Well, let me start by getting the obvious out of the way – 2016 was crazy. From celebrity deaths to the superhero movie takeover, a lot happened this year and you, the people, wanted to know about all of it.

Google gave you access to know about everything you wanted to know about with these events, and  they even recorded all of it so they could show us a nice display at the end of the year to remind us how insane this year truly was. Let’s break it down.

I’ve set my parameters to show me what was most popular around the world, but you can change it to any location by clicking the arrows on the far right side. Let’s see what the world wanted to know:

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Most popular searches

Now I have to say I’m surprised, yet I’m not. Pokémon Go took the world by storm when it was first released and its sheer popularity in the summer gives it the deserved top spot. It’s followed by the iPhone 7 and Donald Trump, again, no surprise. The same applies to Prince, a global icon and one of the most recognisable musicians ever. The Powerball is surprising though, considering that it’s only in America… It’s most likely that people from around the world heard about the £1,000,000,000 jackpot and fancied their chances. How disappointed they must have been when they realised…

Also on the list: David Bowie, Deadpool, Olympics,, and Suicide Squad

Global News

This must have been the most contested category of the year; it felt like every day we were getting another big piece of news. Terror attacks, tax-evasion, the list goes on. We’re not here for my lists though, let’s get into Google’s.

First, obviously, is the US election. This event stayed with us throughout the year and will stay throughout some of 2017 too. The sheer size of the reach here was like nothing I’ve seen before; the 2012 election may have used the power of social media, but 2016 truly marked the future of a connected world being able to discuss these events. Second we have the Olympics, which is huge… Obviously, it’s the Olympics. Then there’s good old Brexit, the story that’s shook our little nation to its core and doesn’t look to let up any time soon. Following that we have one of the worst gun crimes in US history; a wakeup call for everyone. Rounding off the top 5 we have the Zika Virus, the Mosquito spread menace that affected pregnant Women’s children with birth defects.

Also on the list: Panama Papers, Nice, Brussels, Dallas Shooting, and Kumamoto Earthquake


There were a lot of influential people in 2016. We start with Donald Trump taking the top spot (surprised?), ironically in second comes Hilary Clinton. America’s very own Terminator, Michael Phelps, comes third on the list. Melania Trump comes in fourth. We see out the top 5 with America’s latest protégé, Simone Biles. All of these people were part of 2016 in their own way, even if that way wasn’t a good way.

Also on the list: Bernie Sanders, Steven Avery, Celine Dion, Ryan Lochte, and Tom Hiddleston

Quickfire round

Also: Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 7 plus, Note 7, Nintendo Switch, and Samsung J7

Also on the list: EK 2016, T20 World Cup, Copa America, Royal Rumble, and Ryder Cup

Also on the list: Leonard Cohen, Juan Gabriel, Kimbo Slice, Gene Wilder, and Jose Fernandez

Also on the list: Kehlani, Teyana Taylor, Grace Vanderwaal, Ozuna, Lukas Graham


At the start of the article, I mentioned about the Superhero movie takeover. Now whilst it’s been happening for some time, Marvel and DC have really kicked into gear this year and don’t show signs of slowing down yet. Not convinced? Look below.

4 of the top 5 films searched for in 2016 were Superhero films. This is mainly in part due to Disney’s marketing ability and finances. They can put up a poster in Times Square like its pocket change to them. We also see Leo’s Oscar Winning performance in the mix, as the revenant takes the third spot.

Also on the list: Doctor Strange, Finding Dory, Zootopia, The Conjuring 2, and Hacksaw Ridge

TV shows

As you might have guessed, Netflix reigned supreme here. Their easy access trumps regular TV, and word of mouth creates a buzz about the show unlike anything else.

Three of the top 5 are Netflix properties, as well as half of the top 10. Talk about market share. Stranger Things swept the world (including myself, who sat and watched it in one night) and now we endure the long, painful wait for Season 2. Netflix faces strong opposition from HBO, the channel that owns the biggest TV show ever (do I need to name it?) and one that blew everyone’s mind over and over, Westworld.

Also on the list: Fuller House, The Crown, The Night Of, Descendants of the Sun, and Soy Luna

It’s been a big year for news, and Google’s developed to be able to handle it so that we get the best information the moment we search for it. The power of social media was more apparent this year than ever before, and with real time news improving more and more, it’ll be interesting to see the biggest searches of 2017. You can view the page yourself here.

Google’s Top Searches of 2016
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