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What is an “IT Hero”?

There are many IT heroes across the country in businesses far and wide. They manage each and every aspect of IT within a business. Do you have an “IT Hero” in your office?

They were supposed to be in charge of the computer network, but then one day, was asked to make a website for the business, then asked to drive traffic to the website through Google Adwords, maybe created a Facebook page and ran some Facebook Adverts.

Everything was going great, the IT Hero could do it all! Just like International Rescue. Business was going well, nothing to fear.

We hear this story a lot, from business owners or managers who didn’t have the time, confidence or skill to manage the “IT stuff” themselves. They thought they were in luck finding that one person to “do it all”. No expensive agencies. No need to recruit other staff. IT Hero to the rescue.

Today, they may be our life saver, however, what about tomorrow?

The Dark Secret of the IT Hero

Before we get to tomorrow, let’s focus on today. The truth with “IT Heroes” is, even though they seem to know “everything”, they can’t physically be good at everything! No one person can be a fantastic developer, PPC extraordinaire and SEO Supremo all at the same time. There isn’t enough time in the day for that.

How do they get away with this? They are distinctly average at everything and no one will ever question them, because no one else in the business has the knowledge to ever question them. They hide behind a mask of knowing more than you do. It’s so dastardly it’s worthy of a diabolic genius supervillain.

Therefore your business is not getting the best out of your digital streams. You are, most likely, getting a very average performance out of your website, Adwords campaigns or Social Media, depending on where their skills lie.

As a Digital Agency, we don’t rely on one individual to manage all of your business digital needs, we rely on a team, all with their own specialities, who work in unison to provide the best possible results.

The Passing of a Hero

The real problems occur when an IT Hero leaves the business. This is not something that business owners/ managers think about that much until it’s actually happening or happened, by which time it’s too late. Damage will certainly come to your business.

Perhaps it’s the intangible nature of the digital world that makes it easy to slip people’s mind. However, let this be a warning if you do have an IT Hero and you don’t have a contingency plan for their departure have one. Here are a few reasons why and questions you should be asking yourself;

If you lost your “IT Hero” tomorrow…
Do you have access to all of your business digital accounts? (Adwords, Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram)

Would you or your team be able to make minor amendments on your business website? (Price changes, blog posts or text amendments)

Do you know where your website is hosted, and the login credentials for any admin panels? If you turn to a digital agency for help, they will require these details to assist you.


Digital Marketing is particularly susceptible to the loss of anyone managing it. In some cases, we have spoken to business owners who didn’t even realise that the majority of their business income is dependant on Google Adwords traffic. Without management, Google Adwords will under perform, while still costing your business money. Even Organic traffic, gained by SEO work, requires constant management to ensure consistency or growth.

Do You Rely on an IT Hero?

We see ramifications of “IT Heroes” regularly, the lasting long term effect it can have on a business can take many months of rebuilding work to “steady the ship”, never mind pushing forward into growth. Moving your digital assets to a digital agency before the damage is done could be one of the most important moves a business owner can make. Leave the IT Hero to look after their own work!

The IT Hero - The Dangers of the "Do-it-All" Employee
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The IT Hero - The Dangers of the "Do-it-All" Employee
The IT Hero is the one member of the business who "gets computers" therefore takes responsibility for the business website and digital marketing. Find out how that can have damaging and lasting issues for your business.
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