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It can be difficult to ensure your team are working productively and efficiently together. Here at Liberonet, we think of teamwork as a sliding scale, on which you can move up. Although you might be working together well already, there’s always room for improvement towards a happier, more productive team.

Measuring Results

Part of improving your team’s performance is tracking change, in a way which relates to your business goals. It’s important to make sure you reward staff based on results they can see and understand, and ensure that personal feelings, likes and dislikes don’t come into the equation. This will help your staff feel like improvement is achievable.

Every team is different, of course, so there’s no one right way to make improvements. Generally, though, you should set goals for your team, and aim to improve performance over time.

Think about what your staff’s goals are. Some examples are making sales, marketing products, meeting customer’s needs, providing a service, or education & facilitation. Whatever your staff’s goals are, having them clearly written out is a great first step.

The quality of work will also be important, and you need to decide how much emphasis should be placed on this. For us, it’s extremely vital, so we ensure every work task is cross-checked by another member of our development team, and by our project manager to ensure it meets the client’s need.

Setting KPIs

KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, are a way to make sure goals are tracked in an unbiased way. Choose some which are appropriate for your aims, and begin tracking them so that you have a benchmark to use. If you keep historical data, you could go through this to find a benchmark you can use going forward.

Ensure that your KPIs have conditions, if your team have several goals- for example, don’t just target number of sales, target the number which lead to a successful completion. Make sure the KPI is tracking what you really want to achieve, and watch out for unexpected negative results.


Individual Work, or Teamwork?

Depending on your business, you might find that having targets for your teamwork better than individual targets. We find this helps our team work together on projects, collaborate and communicate, and overall we’ll provide a better service for clients. (The whole team’s ideas are almost always better than one person’s!)

Next week we are going to be looking at how to improve morale of your team and how using healthy competition can bring a team together and become more productive.

How To Inspire Your Team To Work Together: Part 1
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How To Inspire Your Team To Work Together: Part 1
How can your inspire your team to work better together within your business to make them happier, more motivated and productive.
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