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What is Pay-Per-Click?

Pay-Per-Click generally refers to any form of digital advertising based on a pay-per-click model, although the industry is dominated by Google Adwords. We’re specialist Google Partners with several Adwords certified staff members. We also offer social media pay-per-click advertising management, including Facebook and Twitter.

We specialise in Google Adwords pay per click management, with a focus on maximising profitability. We calculate your return on investment, using call tracking, Google Analytics and formulas for a transparent, honest service which delivers a great result.

We tailor campaigns to the industry, as some industries are more competitive or niche than others, spending time researching the terms people will search for. We’ll also work on each ad’s quality score, so that your budget goes further each month.

Our management rates vary depending on your ad spend & industry. Call us for more details!

Influencing Factors

We will look at a number of factors when putting together your PPC campaigns:

  • Type of business / Overview
  • Targeting Area
  • Advertiser’s goal / Expected conversion (e.g. Sign ups, sales, calls)
  • Products or services client wants to promote including the top 2 or 3 most important
  • Specific destination URL’s for products
  • USP’s, current promotions, etc. (Ad text ideas)
  • Ad group or keyword ideas
  • Ad Scheduling (so your ads are showing when your target demographic is most likely to see them)
  • Ad Extensions (to make sure you’re appearing everywhere you should be)
  • Devices (do you want to target only tablets? Mobiles? Desktop computers? Feature phones?)


We work as a team to deliver an all-round high quality service.