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What are Spammy Links?

So… you are most likely reading this because you would like to know how to remove spammy links from your site. Spammy Links are harmful or low quality links that point back to your website. These may be “paid” links, or links acquired via means that violate Google’s policy on quality.

Google has blacklisted old techniques that Search Optimisation experts used, such as buying links from other domains or bulk links from low quality domains. Typically domains with a domain authority (DA) lower than 25/100 will do more harm than good, so it would be wise to have these links taken down, adding a “nofollow” or requesting that Google does not take these links under consideration when ranking your website.

How to Identify Spammy Links:

A page rank is what Google use to identify how well your website is rating in comparison to other sites. They take into account many variables which includes links from other domains to your site. There are a number of tools you can use to find what links are linking to your own domain. Some of the most reputable ones is Moz and of-course Google’s Webmaster tools. What you need to know from this is the Domain and Page authority. If these numbers are above 30/100 then that links is generally considered as ok.Spammy Links

First things first.. lets explain the ways that you can use to remove spammy links from your site.

Taking Down Spammy Links:

This is the most hassle free way of removing spammy links. What you simply do is, once you have identified a link that you think may be harming your website’s rank, you can request from that site’s owner to remove the link that is linking back to your own website, thus removing the problem all together. More often than none this way of removing links is dependant upon human parties thus can be unpredictable.

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Adding a “nofollow”:

This way is a very popular one and can be used by someone with some basic technical html knowledge. What the rel=” nofollow” command does is, it allows for the link to remain on the foreign domain and will still redirect to your site when clicked but it prevents any “juice” that the site may have to be passed on to your site thus affecting your Page Rank. “nofollow” is good when you want specific links to be excluded from passing page rank on to you but you would still like to keep the potential organic click through link to your site.

Google Disavow Tool:

The Disavow Tool in Webmaster tools should only be used by someone that has SEO experience. This is the way that all SEO experts use. What it does is, it tells Google when next it crawls the website, to not take into account the links you specified in the disavow process. This process should only be undertaken by someone with extensive SEO experience because if not done correctly it may hurt your search results ranking.

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