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Custom Software Development

We can create user friendly, comprehensive software for your business. We specialise in web-based apps, and we’ve worked on projects used by the NHS and the Gibraltar Telephone Directory.

We use Agile processes to develop our software, as we know this is the most efficient way to deliver projects within your needed timeframe.

Custom Software Creation Process

We’ll work with you to create software which meets your business’ needs. We’ll always start with a meeting to discuss what you’d like to achieve, then we’ll create a plan for the project.

We plan and work in an agile way. With most clients, we’ll begin by creating a ‘Minimum Viable Product’ which will allow you to start gaining benefit from the software, test it, and experiment to find new possibilities. Then, we’ll work on continued improvement, adding non-critical features and functionality to increase the benefits.

We understand that change is a fundamental part of software creation. As ideas develop and software is tested, clients generally want to amend their original brief and improve it. Our methodologies embrace this and allow new knowledge to be incorporated.

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We work as a team to deliver an all-round high quality service.