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Ongoing Development

Our ongoing development retainers will cover most types of planned work. They can also include marketing where necessary. Each month, you’ll have a package of hours which can be used. We’ll plan out with you what you want to achieve over a period of time, and create a plan. If hours are unused at the end of the month, they can be rolled over.

Alternatively if you’d like emergency support, we can provide this too. Scroll down to read more.

Monthly Ongoing Work

Our monthly retainers are perfect for clients who have ongoing work which needs to be completed. This would include additional website features, extensions of functionality, website upgrades or redesigns, and so on. They can be indefinitely ongoing, or for a period of time, e.g. 12 months.

The retainer agreements ensure that we set aside the required number of hours for your projects each month, and your hours can be rolled over to the next month if not used up.

You may change the number of hours you use each month, up or down, to suit your business’ needs.

If you are looking for development support, for issues or bugs which you’d like us to resolve as quickly as possible, we can offer support packages with a service level agreement & guaranteed response times.


Our prices depend on the number of hours needed, and the time for which you’d like to engage our services. It may also depend on the type of work you require.

* All prices are subject to VAT

Emergency Support

We offer a range of support options for development assistance. These are designed for ad-hoc issues and troubleshooting, and we will respond within the allocated time to your request. This will be agreed with an SLA (Service Level Agreement) to ensure any issues are dealt with in a timely manner.

These have different costs based on the speed of reaction needed, and any other specific requirements you may have. We’ll be happy to discuss the available options with you, please call or fill out a contact form to discuss further.


We work as a team to deliver an all-round high quality service.